“Get Off Our Lawn”: Homeowners Yell At Good Samaritan Trying To Save Man’s Life

The internet is filled with stories of incredible acts of kindness and bravery. Ordinary people, in face of extraordinary challenges, often pull off exceptional feats. Ironically, several times, the same incidents also reveal how inconsiderate humans can be. And recently one such incident was reported in Florida. According to a Facebook post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, a local lawn worker showed exceptional courage when faced with an emergency in the neighbourhood. The detailed post revealed that Tony was walking to work on Monday when he saw a neighbour suffering a seizure in the car and rushed to help him.
Taking a “moment to recognize this local hero,” the department said, “Many of us have seen Tony pushing his lawnmower around the neighbourhood. But on Monday, as he was walking to work, he saw a neighbour in need. The neighbour was in his car having a serious seizure.”

Without any hesitation, Tony ran to the car and “grabbed the fender” in an attempt to stop the car from rolling down further. In the process, the vehicle ran over Tony’s foot, “but thankfully he had steel-toe boots on,” the post said.

By the time the car stopped on a neighbour’s lawn, the driver was convulsing and was in terrible shape. Adding to his troubles, the windows of the car were up and the doors were locked, the note explained.

Tony began to scream and beg for help. However, the owners of the house at which the car had stopped were less than helpful. On the contrary, they yelled at Tony. “Get off our lawn”, they said, adding, “Get the man out of here, have him die somewhere else”.

The blatant lack of empathy did not deter Tony. Upon recognizing the driver, Tony ran to the injured man’s house and informed his wife. They also dialled 911 and informed officials of the situation.

“Because of Tony’s actions, we received a call yesterday from the man he helped. The man called us to ask for Tony’s phone number. The man said, ‘I want to talk to Tony…He saved my life’,” the post revealed. The man and his wife visited Tony on Friday and gave him a hug, the department shared.

Reacting to the post, several users praised Tony for his selfless gesture and presence of mind.

A user by the name Jacqueline Batcha said, “The world needs more Tonys.” A comment by Cindy Escalante Sharpe said, “Helping a neighbour in need … #BeTony.”

“Hero! Awesomeness! Thank you for being awesome and not giving up,” said a user identified as Angela Renee. Stacey Brown-Shortridge said, “Awesome. There are still good Samaritans around.”

Needless to say, the unhelpful neighbours did not find any favour with people on the Internet.

A comment by a user named Laura Sturgis read, “The people that didn’t help should be arrested. Low life’s (sic).”

“You’re a true hero Tony. Maybe the authorities should do something good and arrest the sick homeowners who yelled,” said Jennifer Raymond.

Naomi R Kasdon wrote, “The person that yelled ‘get him off my lawn’ is a very evil person. Thank God for Tony keeping a level head running to get his wife and saving this man’s life. God bless you Tony.”