Teen On Roller Coaster Ride Hit By Seagull

The charm of a roller coaster ride lies in the thrill and horror it evokes in those riding it. And despite how intimidating it may be, the popularity of slingshot rides and roller coasters is proof that people love the adrenaline rush that the experience gives them. This rush of excitement was presumably what two teenage girls in New Jersey, USA were looking for when they chose to ride the slingshot on one of their birthdays. But the experience brought with it an unexpected surprise when a seagull decided to be a part of the ride.
A video shared on the YouTube channel Viral Hog features the two girls waiting excitedly and nervously for the ride to begin. For several seconds the ride remains stationary before taking off, and the girls scream out in excitement. However, they are soon visited by an unexpected guest, a seagull, midway through the ride. The video shows the bird flying straight into one of the teenagers who cannot comprehend what is happening and continues to scream with a horror-stricken expression on her face. After a quick few seconds, the girl uses one hand to pluck the bird, which seems to be stuck to her chest, off her body. The bird is then seen flying away. Her companion, on the other hand, is seen to be oblivious to what is happening to her friend as she has her eyes tightly shut all along.

The caption that accompanies the video says, “Georgia and Kiley went on the ride for Georgia’s 14th birthday and captured an unexpected guest.” The run-in with the seagull happened on July 6, the caption added.

Reacting to the video, several users expressed shock at what happened, while many other could not stop laughing.

One user, who goes by the name, Tyrone Power said, “The seagull just wanted a hug.”

“‘Happy Birthday to your FACE!!’- Seagull,” wrote another user. Providing a cheeky take on what the girl must have been thinking, one viewer, said, “She was like: No free rides, you sneaky gull!”

Commenting on how scary it would have been, one user said, “Her fear turned real!” while another said, “I would have DIED.”

A user by the name Evelyn Cortez wrote, “Alfred Hitchcock would be pleased…”